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Experian Business Credit Score for BIN: 123456789

The objective of the Experian Business Credit Score (Intelliscore PlusSM) is to predict seriously derogatory payment behavior.
Score RangeRisk Level
1-10High Risk
11-25Medium to High Risk
26-50Medium Risk
51-75Low to Medium Risk
76-100Low Risk
Business Credit Score
Risk Level Chart
Low to Medium Risk
The Experian Business Credit Score is calculated by a statistically derived algorithm, designed to determine risk based on multiple factors including:

  • Credit: Number of trade experiences, balances outstanding, payment habits, credit utilization and trends over time
  • Public Records: Recency, frequency and dollar amounts associated with liens, judgments or bankruptcies
  • Demographic Information: Years on file, Standard Industrial Classification (SIC) code and business size
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