Help finding a company

If you cannot find a business using our website's business search feature, then please be sure to perform all possible broad and advanced searches, including:
  • Potential company names registered with the State, including personal names if registered as a sole proprietorship
  • Parent companies or headquarter locations
  • Prior operating addresses
  • Possible DBA names that are reported to Experian by suppliers and lenders
If you are being matched to a business that does not appear to be correct after doing a search from this page, then there is likely an underlying reason for our recommended listing which can be better understood by examining information in the report such as "doing business as" names or branch, subsidiary, and alternate location names, etc.

Business owners who purchase reports with outdated or incorrect information can then submit changes to Experian's Commercial Relations department for investigation and corrections by using the "Submit data dispute" button at the bottom of the online business credit report.

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